irrationality measure

Let α. Let

M(α)={μ>0q0=q0(α,μ)>0 such that |α-pq|>1qμp,q,q>q0}.

The irrationality measure of α, denoted by μ(α), is defined by


If M(α)=, we set μ(α)=.

This definition is (loosely) a measure of the extent to which α can be approximated by rational numbersPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath. Of course, by the fact that is dense in , we can make arbitrarily good approximations to real numbers by rationals. Thus this definition was made to represent a stronger statement: it is the ability of rational numbers to approximate α given a fixed growth bound on the denominators of those rational numbers.

By the Dirichlet’s Lemma, μ(α)2. Roth [6, 7] proved in 1955 that μ(α)=2 for every algebraic real number. It is well known also that μ(e)=2. For almost all real numbers the irrationality measure is 2. However, for special constants, only some upper bounds are known:

Constant Upper bound Reference
π 8.0161 Hata (1993) [3]
π/3 4.6016 Hata (1993) [3]
e 2 Davis (1978) [1]
π2 5.4413 Rhin and Viola (1996) [4]
log2 3.8914 Rukhadze (1987) [8], Hata (1990) [2]
ζ(3) 5.5139 Rhin and Viola (2001) [5]

It is worth noting that the last column of the above table is simply a list of references, not a collectionMathworldPlanetmath of discoverers. For example that fact that the irrationality measure of e is 2 was known to Euler.


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