Krull valuation domain


Any Krull valuation||  of a field K determines a unique valuation domainR={aK:|x|1}, whose field of fractionMathworldPlanetmath is K.

Proof.  We first see that  1R  since  |1|=1.  Let then  a,b  be any two elements of R.  The non-archimedean triangle inequality shows that  |a-b|max{|a|,|b|}1,  i.e. that the differencea-b  belongs to R.  Using the multiplication rule ( 4 of inequalities we obtain


which shows that also the product ab is element of R.  Thus, R is a subring of the field K, and so an integral domainMathworldPlanetmath.  Let now c be an arbitrary element of K not belonging to R.  This implies that  1<|c|,  whence  |c-1|=|c|-1<1 (see the inverse rule ( 5).  Consequently, the inverse c-1 belongs to R, and we conclude that R is a valuation domain.   The  a=a1  and  c=1c-1  make evident that K is the field of fractions of R.

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