LaTeXsymbol for Cauchy principal value

The usual symbol (dashed integralDlmfPlanetmath) used to denote Cauchy’s principal value of an integral can be created in LaTeX through macros.11UK List of TeX is a reference. These one are given by the following instructions, which must be included on the preamble.


The commands to execute those macros are   ``\dashint"   and  ``\ddashint"   for single dash and double dash, respectively. Let us expose a few examples.

  • =ΩF(ζ,η)𝑑ζ𝑑η
  • -z0zf(ζ)𝑑ζ
  • Ei(z)=---ze-ζζdζ=--zeζζdζ,z>0,(exponential integral)
  • li(z)=-0zdζlogζEi(logz),z>1,(logarithmic integral)
  • Γ(z)Γ(1-z)=-zΓ(-z)Γ(z)=-0ζz-1ζ+1𝑑ζ=πcscπz,0<z<1,(Gamma function reflection’s formula)
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