left / right perpendicular

Given a sesquilinear formPlanetmathPlanetmath b:V×Vk over the field k, if v,uV such that b(v,u)=0 then we say v is right perpendicular to u and denote it vu. Likewise u is left perpendicular to v and can be denoted by uv.

By definition vu if and only if uv. However, vu need not imply uv.

For example, let V=kk and b((v1,v2),(u1,u2))=v1u2. Then b((0,1),(1,0))=0 so (0,1)(1,0), or equivalently, (1,0)(0,1). However b((1,0),(0,1))=10 so (1,0) is not right perpendicular to (0,1) and (0,1) is not left perpendicular to (1,0).

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