Mangoldt summatory function is O(x)

Theorem 1

ψ(x)=O(x), in other , ψ(x)x is bounded.


ψ(x)=1xΛ(n)=p primepxlogpxlnp=p primepxlnxlnplnp=p primepxlnxlnplnp+p primex<pxlnp

since 1lnxlnp<2 if p>x. Continuing, we have

p primepxlnxlnplnp+p primex<pxlnpxlnx+π(x)lnxxlnx+8xln2=O(x)

Note that π(x)lnx8xln2 by Chebyshev’s bounds on π(x) (

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