Maryam Mirzakhani

Maryam Mirzakhani (1977 - ) Iranian mathematician, two-time gold medalist at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

After graduating from Sharif University in Tehran, Mirzakhani went on to graduate work at Harvard, and now she’s an assistant professor at Princeton. Currently she’s best known for her advances in hyperbolic geometry. She’s working on a paper on the growth of the number of simple closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces for Annals of Mathematics.

Mirzakhani has Erdős number ( 3: With Mahmoodian she co-authored a paper on the “Decomposition of complete tripartite graphs into 5-cycles” in Farsi for a Iranian journal, while Mahmoodian co-authored with Charles Colbourn a paper on “The spectrum of support sizes for threefold triple systems” in Discrete Mathematics. Colbourn co-authored with Erdős a paper concerning “A conjecture on dominating cycles” at a combinatorics conference.


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