one-to-one function from onto function


Given an onto functionMathworldPlanetmath from a set A to a set B, there exists a one-to-one function from B to A.


Suppose f:AB is onto, and define ={f-1({b}):bB}; that is, is the set containing the pre-image of each singleton subset of B. Since f is onto, no element of is empty, and since f is a function, the elements of are mutually disjoint, for if af-1({b1}) and af-1({b2}), we have f(a)=b1 and f(a)=b2, whence b1=b2. Let 𝒞: be a choice function, noting that =A, and define g:BA by g(b)=𝒞(f-1({b})). To see that g is one-to-one, let b1,b2B, and suppose that g(b1)=g(b2). This gives 𝒞(f-1({b1}))=𝒞(f-1({b2})), but since the elements of are disjoint, this implies that f-1({b1})=f-1({b2}), and thus b1=b2. So g is a one-to-one function from B to A. ∎

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