PM Planetary Update on Developmental web Servers and Sites–including web servers

1 Web servers Updates:

(In reverse chronological order, with the first website/server listed being the latest one) Currently all servers are running at full speed… Books can be edited and saved in PDF format at the Media Wiki version 1.17 website:

(Yes, you need to add :8888 after the URL for protection against spamming!)” is a new PM and developmental server/website for, running Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.01 OS with Planetary.PlanetMath.Beta3B; it is currently dedicated as a Developmental PM new server for high storage backup and website development; it is also planned in the future to add to it a Planetary.PlanetPhysics website, running Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.1 OS. This is currently the only PM developmental website that allows direct upload of Full (not filtered) HTML source code;

Beta2 ” developmental website” is actually an earlier PM developmental planetary website running on a different server is running Beta3 Planetary for the PM developmental website with Drupal under Ubuntu 12.04.1 OS R- wiki is an Organizational Blog and Discussion R-wiki for backing up contents R-wiki on Noosphere 1.0 main server running under Ubuntu 10.04’s MediaWiki v.1.17 server runs under Scientific Linux version 6.1 OS is the Noosphere 1.0 website of ’s website runs on internet port 8080 Noosphere v. 1.5.

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