We denote the set

Dn(z,r):={wn|zk-wk|<r for all k=1,,n}

an open polydisc. We can also have polydiscs of the form


The set D1(z1,r1)××D1(zn,rn) is called the distinguished boundary of the polydisc.

Be careful not to confuse this with the open ball in n as that is defined as


When n>1 then open balls and open polydiscs are not biholomorphically equivalent (there is no 1-1 biholomorphic mapping between the two).

It is common to write D¯n(z,r) for the closure of the polydisc. Be careful with this notation however as some texts outside of complex analysis use D(x,r) and the “disc” to represent a closed ball in two real dimensions.

Also note that when n=2 the bidisc is sometimes used.


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