A pre-order on a set S is a relationMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath on S satisfying the following two axioms:

reflexivityMathworldPlanetmath: ss for all sS, and

transitivity: If st and tu, then su; for all s,t,uS.

Partial order induced by a pre-order

Given such a relation, define a new relation st on S by

st if and only if st and ts.

Then is an equivalence relationMathworldPlanetmath on S, and induces a partial orderMathworldPlanetmath on the set S/ of equivalence classesMathworldPlanetmath of defined by

[s][t] if and only if st,

where [s] and [t] denote the equivalence classes of s and t. In particular, does satisfy antisymmetry, whereas may not.

Pre-orders as categories

A pre-order on a set S can be considered as a small category, in the which the objects are the elements of S and there is a unique morphismMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath from x to y if xy (and none otherwise).

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