proof of alternating series test

The series has partial sum


where the aj’s are all nonnegative and nonincreasing. From above, we have the following:

S2n+1 =S2n+a2n+1;
S2n+2 =S2n+(a2n+1-a2n+2);
S2n+3 =S2n+1-(a2n+2-a2n+3)

Since a2n+1a2n+2a2n+3, we have S2n+1S2n+3S2n+2S2n. Moreover,


Because the aj’s are nonincreasing, we have Sn0 for any n. Also, S2n+2S2n+1a1. Thus, a1S2n+1S2n+3S2n+2S2n0. Hence, the even partial sums S2n and the odd partial sums S2n+1 are bounded. Also, the even partial sums S2n’s are monotonically nondecreasing, while the odd partial sums S2n+1’s are monotonically nonincreasing. Thus, the even and odd series both converge.

We note that S2n+1-S2n=a2n+1. Therefore, the sums converge to the same limit if and only if an0 as n. The theorem is then established.

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