proof of general means inequality

Let w1, w2, …, wn be positive real numbers such that w1+w2++wn=1. For any real number r0, the weighted power mean of degree r of n positive real numbers x1, x2, …, xn (with respect to the weights w1, …, wn) is defined as


The definition is extended to the case r=0 by taking the limit r0; this yields the weighted geometric mean


(see derivation of zeroth weighted power mean). We will prove the weighted power means inequalityMathworldPlanetmath, which states that for any two real numbers r<s, the weighted power means of orders r and s of n positive real numbers x1, x2, …, xn satisfy the inequality


with equality if and only if all the xi are equal.

First, let us suppose that r and s are nonzero. We distinguish three cases for the signs of r and s: r<s<0, r<0<s, and 0<r<s. Let us consider the last case, i.e. assume r and s are both positive; the others are similar. We write t=sr and yi=xir for 1in; this implies yit=xis. Consider the function

f:(0,) (0,)
x xt.

Since t>1, the second derivative of f satisfies f′′(x)=t(t-1)xt-2>0 for all x>0, so f is a strictly convex function. Therefore, according to Jensen’s inequality,

(w1y1+w2y2++wnyn)t = f(w1y1+w2y2++wnyn)
= w1y1t+w2y2t++wnynt,

with equality if and only if y1=y2==yn. By substituting t=sr and yi=xir back into this inequality, we get


with equality if and only if x1=x2==xn. Since s is positive, the function xx1/s is strictly increasing, so raising both sides to the power 1/s preserves the inequality:


which is the inequality we had to prove. Equality holds if and only if all the xi are equal.

If r=0, the inequality is still correct: Mw0 is defined as limr0Mwr, and since MwrMws for all r<s with r0, the same holds for the limit r0. The same argumentMathworldPlanetmath shows that the inequality also holds for s=0, i.e. that MwrMw0 for all r<0. We conclude that for all real numbers r and s such that r<s,

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