proof that a Euclidean domain is a PID

Let D be a Euclidean domainMathworldPlanetmath, and let 𝔞D be a nonzero ideal. We show that 𝔞 is principal. Let


be the set of Euclidean valuations of the non-zero elements of 𝔞. Since A is a non-empty set of non-negative integers, it has a minimum m. Choose d𝔞 such that ν(d)=m. Claim that 𝔞=(d). Clearly (d)𝔞. To see the reverse inclusion, choose x𝔞. Since D is a Euclidean domain, there exist elements y,rD such that


with ν(r)<ν(d) or r=0. Since r𝔞 and ν(d) is minimal in A, we must have r=0. Thus d|x and x(d).

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