proof that Spec(R) is quasi-compact

Note that most of the notation used here is defined in the entry prime spectrum.

The following is a proof that Spec(R) is quasi-compact.


Let Λ be an indexing set and {Uλ}λΛ be an open cover for Spec(R). For every λΛ, let Iλ be an ideal of R with Uλ=Spec(R)V(Iλ). Since


V(λΛIλ)=. Thus, by this theorem (, λΛIλ=R. Since 1RR=λΛIλ, there exists a finite subset L of Λ such that, for every L, there exists an iI with 1R=Li.

Let rR. Then r=r1R=rLi=LriLI. Thus, LI=R. Therefore, V(LI)=. Since


{Uλ}λΛ restricts to a finite subcover. It follows that Spec(R) is quasi-compact. ∎

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