properties of Riemann xi function

The Riemann xi function, defined by


is an entire functionMathworldPlanetmath having as zeros the nonreal zeros of the Riemann zeta functionMathworldPlanetmath ζ and only them.

The modulusMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of the xi function is strictly increasing along every horizontal half-line lying in any open right half-plane that contains no xi zeros.  As well, the modulus decreases strictly along every horizontal half-line in any zero-free, open left half-plane.

Taking into account the functional equation


it follows the reformulation of the Riemann hypothesis:

Theorem.  The following three statements are equivalent.

(i). If t is any fixed real number, then |ξ(σ+it)| is increasing for  12<σ<.

(ii). If t is any fixed real number, then |ξ(σ+it)| is decreasing for  -<σ<12.

(iii). The Riemann hypothesis is true.


  • 1 Jonathan Sondow & Christian Dumitrescu: A monotonicity property Riemann’s xi function and a reformulation of the Riemann Hypothesis. – Periodica Mathematica Hungarica 60 (2010) 37–40. Also available
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