quotients of Banach algebras

Theorem - Let 𝒜 be a Banach algebraMathworldPlanetmath and 𝒜 a closed (http://planetmath.org/ClosedSet) ideal. Then 𝒜/ is Banach algebra under the quotient norm.

Proof: Denote the quotient norm by q.

By the parent entry (http://planetmath.org/QuotientsOfBanachSpacesByClosedSubspacesAreBanachSpacesUnderTheQuotientNorm) we know that 𝒜/ is a Banach spaceMathworldPlanetmath under the quotient norm. Thus, we only need to show the normed algebra inequality:


for every a,b𝒜.

Using the fact that 𝒜 is a Banach algebra and the definition of quotient norm we have that:

ab+q = infzab+z=infua+vb+uv
= a+qb+q

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