A rhomboidMathworldPlanetmath is a parallelogramMathworldPlanetmath that is neither a rhombusMathworldPlanetmath nor a rectangleMathworldPlanetmath. The word rhomboid comes from the Greek word ρoμβoειδη´ς, which is transliterated as ‘rhomboeidis’. In The Elements, Euclid has this definition:

“Of quadrilateralMathworldPlanetmath figures….a rhomboid (is) that which has its opposite sides and angles equal to each other but is neither equilateral (http://planetmath.org/Equilateral) nor right-angled (http://planetmath.org/RightAngle).”

Below is a picture of a rhomboid.

The for the area of a rhomboid is the same as that for all parallelograms: If b is the length of its and h is the length of its , then A=bh.

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