Riemann multiple integral

We are going to extend the conceptMathworldPlanetmath of Riemann integral to functions of several variables.

Let f:n be a bounded function with compact support. Recalling the definitions of polyrectangle and the definitions of upper and lower Riemann sums on polyrectangles, we define

S*(f):=inf{S*(f,P):P is a polyrectangle, f(x)=0 for every xnP},
S*(f):=sup{S*(f,P):P is a polyrectangle, f(x)=0 for every xnP}.

If S*(f)=S*(f) we say that f is Riemann-integrable on n and we define the Riemann integral of f:


Clearly one has S*(f,P)S*(f,P). Also one has S*(f,P)S*(f,P) when P and P are any two polyrectangles containing the supportMathworldPlanetmath of f. In fact one can always find a common refinement P′′ of both P and P so that S*(f,P)S*(f,P′′)S*(f,P′′)S*(f,P). So, to prove that a function is Riemann-integrable it is enough to prove that for every ϵ>0 there exists a polyrectangle P such that S*(f,P)-S*(f,P)<ϵ.

Next we are going to define the integral on more general domains. As a byproduct we also define the measureMathworldPlanetmath of sets in n.

Let Dn be a bounded set. We say that D is Riemann measurable if the characteristic functionMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath

χD(x):={1if xD0otherwise

is Riemann measurable on n (as defined above). Moreover we define the Peano-Jordan measure of D as


When n=3 the Peano Jordan measure of D is called the volume of D, and when n=2 the Peano Jordan measure of D is called the area of D.

Let now Dn be a Riemann measurable setMathworldPlanetmath and let f:D be a bounded function. We say that f is Riemann measurable if the function f¯:n

f¯(x):={f(x)if xD0otherwise

is Riemann integrable as defined before. In this case we denote with


the Riemann integral of f on D.

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