Riemann’s theorem on rearrangements

If the map nn is a bijection on , we say that the sequence (an) is a rearrangement of (an).

The following theorem, which is due to Riemann, shows that the convergence of a conditionally convergent series depends so much on the order of its terms; in particular, a conditionally convergent series can be made to converge to any real number by changing the order of its terms.

Theorem (Riemann series theoremMathworldPlanetmath). Let (an) be a sequence in such that n=1an converges but n=1|an|=, i.e, an is conditionally convergent. Let -α<β be arbitrary. Then there exists a rearrangement (an) such that

lim infNn=1Nan=α   and   lim supNn=1Nan=β.

Proof. Let an+=max{0,an} and an-=min{0,-an}. Then we have an=an+-an- and |an|=an++an-. Since an<, both an+ and an- diverge or converge simultaneously. But since |an|=, we see that at least one of an+ and an- must diverge. It follows that an+= and an-=.

Also by the nth term test, limnan+=limnan-=0.

Now we pass to subsequence of (an+) by removing all terms with an+=0 and an0. For an-, we remove all terms with an-=0. Let us denote the subsequences still as (an+) and (an-). Since only zeros have been removed, an+ and an- are still divergent.

Now we will define integers mj and kj for j, and consider the series

a1+ +a2+++am1+

This series is clearly a rearrangement of an, by our choice of the subsequences an+ and an-.

We pick up two sequences αj and βj such that αjα , βjβ, αnβn and β1>0. We choose m1 such that n=1m1β1 but n=1m1-1<β1. We choose k1 such that n=1m1-n=1k1α1 but n=1m1-n=1k1-1>α1. We continue this way, inductively.

Since limnan+=limnan-=0, the subsequences of the sequence of partial sums that end with amj+ and akj- converge to β and α, and it can be seen that no subsequence can be found with a limit larger than β or lower than α.


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