Robert Calderbank

Robert Calderbank (195? - ) British mathematician and electrical engineer, husband of Ingrid Daubechies.

Only a year after earning a bachelor’s degree, Calderbank earned a master’s degree from Oxford University in 1976. He began working at the New Jersey AT & T Bell Labs in 1980, and in 1987 met Ingrid Daubechies there, and married her the same year. In 1993, he began teaching at Princeton University as an adjunct professor, that same year he coauthored with Ronald Graham a paper on “The Sperner capacity of linear and nonlinear codes for the cyclic triangle” in J. Algebraic Combin. 2, giving Calderbank an Erdős number ( of 2. At the turn of the century, Calderbank was appointed an AT & T Fellow in recognition of his achievements in data compression and forward error correction. Upon retiring from AT & T to devote himself to teaching, he was promoted to full professor at Princeton.

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