Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Elke Lawrence (1971 - ) British mathematician, child prodigy best known for proving braid groups are linear.

The daughter of computer consultants, young Ruth’s earliest education was by her father at home. In 1980, she became the youngest student ever to earn the Advanced Level General Certificate of Education in mathematics. The next year Ruth Lawrence was accepted at Oxford and earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. After a degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics, Lawrence went on to teach at Harvard and the University of Michigan. In 1998 she married Ariyeh Neimark and the next year the couple moved to Israel, where she bore him two children. Currently, Lawrence teaches courses on combinatorial knot theory, Lie groupsMathworldPlanetmath, Khovanov theory, discrete mathematics and various courses on mathematics for physicists and engineers, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her current grad students are Jeffrey Sink, Ofer Ron, Nori Jacoby and Micha Breakstone.

Lawrence has Erdős number ( 3: she co-authored “Modular formsMathworldPlanetmath and quantum invariants of 3-manifolds” in the Asian Journal of Mathematics with Don Zagier, who co-authored a paper “On the capacity of disjointly shared networks” for a computer science journal with Andrew Odlyzko.

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