solutions of xy=yx

The equation

xy=yx (1)

has trivial solutions on the line  y=x.  For other solutions one has the

Theorem.1. The only positive solutions of the equation (1) with  1<x<y  are in a parametric form

x=(1+u)1u,y=(1+u)1u+1 (2)

where  u>0.
2. The only rational solutions of (1) are

x=(1+1n)n,y=(1+1n)n+1 (3)

where  n=1, 2, 3,
3. Consequently, the only integer solution of (1) is

24= 16= 42.

Proof. 1. Let  (x,y)  be a solution of (1) with  1<x<y.  Set  y=x+δ  (δ>0).  Now


from which we obtain easily


where  u=δx.  Then


2. The unit fractionsPlanetmathPlanetmathu=1n  yield from (2) rational solutions (3). Further, no irrational value of u cannot make both x and y of (2) rational, since otherwise the ratio 1+u of the latter numbers would be irrational (cf. rational and irrational).  Accordingly, for other rational solutions than (3), we must consider the values


with coprimeMathworldPlanetmath positive integers m,n where  m>1.  Make the antithesis that


Because the integers coprime with m form a group with respect to the multiplication modulo m (cf. prime residue classes), the congruenceMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath

nz 1(modm)

has a solution z.  Thus we may write  nz=km+1  and rewrite the rational numberPlanetmathPlanetmath

[(1+mn)nm]z=(1+mn)nzm=(1+mn)km+1m=(1+mn)k(1+mn)1m. (4)

This product form tells that (1+mn)1m is rational.  But the number


cannot be rational without the coprime integers m+n and n both being mth powers (  If we had  n=vm,  then by Bernoulli inequalityMathworldPlanetmath,


i.e. m+n could not be a mth power.  The contradictory situation means, by (4), that the antithesis is wrong.  Therefore, the numbers (3) give the only rational solutions of (1).

Note.  The value  n=2  in (3) produces  x=94,  y=278,  whence (1) reads

(94)278=(278)94. (5)

The truth of the equality (5) may also be checked by the calculation



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