spectral values classification

Spectral points classificationFernando Sanz Gamiz

Definition 1.

Let X a topological vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath and A:XDAX a linear transformation with domain DA. Depending on the properties of11the notation (λ-A) is to be understood as λI-A with I the identity transformation and R(λ-A) is the range of (λ-A) (λ-A) the following definitions apply:

(λ-A)-1 Boundness of (λ-A)-1 R(λ-A) Set to which λ belongs
exists bounded dense in X resolvent set ρ(A)
exists unbounded dense in X continuous spectrum Cσ(A)
exists bounded or unbounded in X not dense in X residual spectrum Rσ(A)
not exists dense or not dense in X puntual spectrum Pσ(A)
Remark 1.

It is obvious that, if F is the field of possible values for λ (usually F= or F=) then F=ρ(A)Cσ(A)Rσ(A)Pσ(A), that is, these definitions cover all the possibilities for λ. The complement of the resolvent set is called spectrum of the operator A, i.e., σ(A)=Cσ(A)Rσ(A)Pσ(A)

Remark 2.

In the finite dimensional case if (λ-A)-1 exists it must be bounded, since all finite dimensional linear mappings are bounded. This existence also implies that the range of (λ-A) must be the whole X. So, in the finite dimensional case the only spectral values we can encounter are point spectrum values (eigenvalues).

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