stable manifold theorem

Let E be an open subset of n containing the origin, let fC1(E), and let ϕt be the flow of the nonlinear system x=f(x).

Suppose that f(x0)=0 and that Df(x0) has k eigenvalues with negative real part and n-k eigenvalues with positive real part. Then there exists a k-dimensional differentiable manifold S tangent to the stable subspace ES of the linear system x=Df(x)x at x0 such that for all t0, ϕt(S)S and for all yS,


and there exists an n-k dimensional differentiable manifold U tangent to the unstable subspaceMathworldPlanetmath EU of x=Df(x)x at x0 such that for all t0, ϕt(U)U and for all yU,

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