suppression of science

In the Archive Freedom site many scientists complain about the freedom of scientific speech.
”Genius is condemned by a malicious social organization to an eternal denial of justice in favor of fawning mediocrity” said Evariste Galois, author of Galois TheoryMathworldPlanetmath.

Most of them complain against blacklisting, but also about the mainstream science people who slander them, systematically reject their papers from mainstream journals, refuse to sponsor their research, deny their work or promotion or research positions.
They are slandered in many sites, such as wikipedia, even PlanetMath, diverse forums, etc.

Some of them filled lawsuits, but of course dismissed by contemporary controllers of scientific research.

See their list in the order presented by, among them there is a 1973 Nobel laureate, Brian Josephson (see Josephson junction): G. Alvarado (U.S.), T. Butler (U.S.), Carlos Castro Perelman (U.S.), Dimiter Chakalov (Bulgaria), Saurav Dwiivedi (India), Roger Ellman (U.S.), Robert Gentry (U.S.), Michael Ibison (U.S.), Radi Khrapko (Russia), Paul LaViolette (U.S.), Danny Lunsford (U.S.), Jacques Moret-Bailly (France), Matti Pitkanen (Finland), F. Julio Palacios (U.S.), Peter Rowlands (UK), Gao Shan (China), Frank (Tony) Smith (U.S.), Edmund Storms (U.S.); Brian Josephson (U.K.), Gustavo Gonazlez-Martin (Venezuela), MarK Hadley (UK ), Andrei Kirilyuk (Ukraine), Angelo Loinger, Eric Lerner (U.S.), Martin Lopez Corredoira (Switzerland/Canary Islands), Alex Rivero (Spain). Shervgi Shahverdiyev (U.S.), Jack Sarfatti (U.S.), B. G. Sidharth (India).


  • 1 Archive Freedom, http://archivefreedom.orgAddressing the Need for freedom in Scientific Research.
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