Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (stock symbol TXN in the New York Stock Exchange) is the best known manufacturer of scientific calculators and programmable calculators. The company also produces semiconductors and microchips for cellular telephones.

Calculator models

TI-10 A basic calculator that can also handle fractions and test less than and greater than
inequalitiesMathworldPlanetmath. Intended for use in kindergarten classrooms.
TI-15 Not quite a scientific calculator, but definitely more advanced.
Intended for elementary school classrooms.
TI-30 The company’s oldest model of scientific calculator, variants are still produced today,
like the TI-30Xa and the TI-30X IIS. All variants are capable of handling fractions,
with the exception of a version designed specifically for certain standardized tests.
None of them binary, octal or hexadecimal display.
TI-81 The company’s oldest model of graphing calculator. It uses TI-BASIC, which is a variant
of BASIC (http://planetmath.org/BASICProgrammingLanguage).
TI-89 A graphing calculator permitted for use in some standardized tests.
TI-92 A programmable graphing calculator, not allowed for use in standardized tests.
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