time invariant

A dynamical systemMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath is time-invariant if its generating formula is dependent on state only, and independent of time. A synonym for time-invariant is autonomousMathworldPlanetmath. The complement of time-invariant is time-varying (or nonautonomous).

For example, the continuous-time system x˙=f(x,t) is time-invariant if and only if f(x,t1)f(x,t2) for all valid states x and times t1 and t2. Thus x˙=sinx is time-invariant, while x˙=sinx1+t is time-varying.

Likewise, the discrete-time system x[n]=f[x,n] is time-invariant (also called shift-invariant) if and only if f[x,n1]f[x,n2] for all valid states x and time indices n1 and n2. Thus x[n]=2x[n-1] is time-invariant, while x[n]=2nx[n-1] is time-varying.

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