topic on major resources for mathematics and mathematical physics

1 Mathematics resources, international institutes and major facilities

This is a new contributed topic on major facilities and resources for mathematics and mathematical/theoretical physics, including computational/supercomputing and theoretical paper web-archiving:

  • Princeton Advanced Theoretical Research Institute

  • IHES, in Paris, France

  • Cavendish Laboratory,Department of Physics, of Cambridge, UK

  • Supercomputing National Centers, e.g.: NCSA at Urbana, IL

  • Beckmann Advanced Research Institute, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

  • RAL= Appleton Laboratory near Didcot, Oxfordshire

  • Max Planck Institute, Germany

  • Institute for Theoretical Physics Research, Germany

  • Trieste Advanced Theoretical Physics Research Institute

  • High-density Energy Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan

  • CERN, International preprint archives in Geneva

  • ANL web-archiving center of mathematical physics/theoretical papers

  • National Centers for Nanotechnology, Material Science Centers

  • IHEP in Russia

  • Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, in Bucharest, Romania

  • XYZ

  • XYZ

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