unit disk upper half plane conformal equivalence theorem

Theorem 1.

There is a conformal map from Δ, the unit diskMathworldPlanetmath, to UHP, the upper half plane.


Define f:^^ (where ^ denotes the Riemann Sphere) to be f(z)=z-iz+i. Notice that f-1(w)=i1+w1-w and that f (and therefore f-1) is a Mobius transformationMathworldPlanetmath.

Notice that f(0)=-1, f(1)=1-i1+i=-i and f(-1)=-1-i-1+i=i. By the Mobius Circle Transformation Theorem, f takes the real axisMathworldPlanetmath to the unit circleMathworldPlanetmath. Since f(i)=0, f maps UHP to Δ and f-1:ΔUHP. ∎

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