units of quadratic fields

Dirichlet’s unit theorem gives all units of an algebraic number fieldMathworldPlanetmath (ϑ) in the unique form


where ζ is a primitive wth root of unityMathworldPlanetmath in (ϑ), the ηj’s are the fundamental unitsMathworldPlanetmath of (ϑ),  0nw-1,  kjj,  t=r+s-1.

  • The case of a real quadratic fieldMathworldPlanetmath (m), the square-freem>1:  r=2,  s=0,  t=r+s-1=1.  So we obtain


    because  ζ=-1  is the only real primitive root of unity (w=2).  Thus, every real quadratic field has infinitely many units and a unique fundamental unit η.

    Examples:  If  m=3,  then  η=2+3;  if  m=421,  then  η=444939+216854212.

  • The case of any imaginary quadratic field (ϑ); here  ϑ=m,  the square-free  m<0:  The conjugatesPlanetmathPlanetmath of ϑ are the pure imaginary numbers ±m, hence  r=0,  2s=2,  t=r+s-1=0.  Thus we see that all units are


    1) m=-1.  The field contains the primitive fourth root of unity, e.g. i, and therefore all units in the field (i) are in, where  n=0, 1, 2, 3.

    2) m=-3.  The field in question is a cyclotomic fieldMathworldPlanetmath (http://planetmath.org/CyclotomicExtension) containing the primitive third root of unity and also the primitive sixth root of unity, namely


    hence all units are  ε=(1+-32)n,  where  n=0, 1,, 5, or, equivalently,   ε=±(-1+-32)n,  where  n=0, 1, 2.

    3) m=-2,  m<-3.   The only roots of unity in the field are ±1; hence  ζ=-1,  w=2,  and the units of the field are simply  (-1)n, where  n=0, 1.

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