vector p-norm

A class of vector norms, called a p-norm and denoted ||||p, is defined as

||x||p=(|x1|p++|xn|p)1p  p1,xn

The most widely used are the 1-norm, 2-norm, and -norm:

||x||1 = |x1|++|xn|
||x||2 = |x1|2++|xn|2=xTx
||x|| = max1in|xi|

The 2-norm is sometimes called the Euclidean vector norm, because ||x-y||2 yields the Euclidean distance between any two vectors x,yn. The 1-norm is also called the taxicab metric (sometimes Manhattan metric) since the distance of two points can be viewed as the distance a taxi would travel on a city (horizontal and vertical movements).

A useful fact is that for finite dimensional spaces (like n) the three mentioned norms are Moreover, all p-norms are equivalent. This can be proved using that any norm has to be continuousPlanetmathPlanetmath in the 2-norm and working in the unit circle.

The Lp-norm ( in function spaces is a generalizationPlanetmathPlanetmath of these norms by using counting measure.

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