virtually cyclic group

A virtually cyclic group is a group that has a cyclic subgroup of finite index ( Every virtually cyclic group in fact has a normal cyclic subgroup of finite index (namely, the core of any cyclic subgroup of finite index), and virtually cyclic groups are therefore also known as cyclic-by-finite groups.

A finite-by-cyclic group (that is, a group G with a finite normal subgroupMathworldPlanetmath N such that G/N is cyclic) is always virtually cyclic. To see this, note that a finite-by-cyclic group is either finite, in which case it is certainly virtually cyclic, or it is finite-by-, in which case the extension ( splits (

Finite-by-dihedral ( groups are also virtually cyclic. In fact, we have the following classification theorem:[1][2]


Groups of the following three types are all virtually cyclic. Moreover, every virtually cyclic group is of exactly one of these three types.

As an immediate corollary we have the following result:[3]


Every torsion-free virtually cyclic group is either trivial or infinite cyclic.


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