Waring’s problem

Waring asked whether it is possible to represent every natural numberMathworldPlanetmath as a sum of bounded (http://planetmath.org/BoundedInterval) number of nonnegative k’th powers, that is, whether the set {nkn+} is an additive basis (http://planetmath.org/Basis2). He was led to this conjecture by Lagrange’s theorem (http://planetmath.org/LagrangesFourSquareTheorem) which asserted that every natural number can be represented as a sum of four squares.

Hilbert [1] was the first to prove the conjecture for all k. In his paper he did not give an explicit bound on g(k), the number of powers needed, but later it was proved that


except possibly finitely many exceptional k, none of which are known.

Wooley[4], improving the result of Vinogradov[3], proved that the number of k’th powers needed to represent all sufficiently large integers is



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