zero of polynomial

Let R be a subring of a commutative ring S.  If f is a polynomialPlanetmathPlanetmath in R[X], it defines an evaluation homomorphism from S to S.  Any element α of S satisfying

f(α)= 0

is a zero of the polynomial f.

If R also is equipped with a non-zero unity, then the polynomial f is in S[X] divisible by the binomial  X-α (cf. the factor theorem).  In this case, if f is divisible by (X-α)n but not by (X-α)n+1, then α is a zero of the order n of the polynomial f.  If this order is 1, then α is a simple zero of f.

For example, the real number 2 () is a zero of the polynomial X2-2 of the polynomial ring [X].

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