absorbing set

Let V be a vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath over a field F equipped with a non-discrete valuationMathworldPlanetmath ||:F. Let A,B be two subsets of V. Then A is said to absorb B if there is a non-negative real number r such that, for all λF with |λ|r, BλA. A is said to be an absorbing set, or a radial subset of V if A absorbs all finite subsets of V.

Equivalently, A is absorbing if for any xV, there is a non-negative real number r such that xλA for all λF with |λ|r. If a finite subset B of V consists of x1,,xn, then corresponding to each xi, there is an ri0 such that xiλA such that |λri, λF. So xiλA with |λ|r if we take r=max{r1,,rn}. So A absorbs B.

Example. If V=n and F=, then any set containing an open ball centered at 0 is absorbing. This implies that an absorbing set does not have to be connected, convex.

A closely related concept is that of a circled set, or a balanced set. Let V and F be defined as above. A subset C of V is said to be circled, or balanced, if λCC for all |λ|1. Clearly, C absorbs itself (Cλ-1C, |λ-1|1), and 0C. C is also symmetricPlanetmathPlanetmath (-C=C), for -CC and C=-(-C)-C. As an example of a circled set that is neither absorbing nor convex, consider V=2 and F=, and C the union of x and y axes. For an example of an absorbing set that is not circled, take the union of a unit disk and an annulus centered at 0 that is large enough so it is disjoint from the disk.

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