Adrien Douady

Adrien Douady (1935 - 2006) French mathematician, best known for his work on dynamical systemsMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath.

From the outset, Douady intended to teach mathematics at the university level and trained specifically for that occupation, then taught at a university in Paris. His research focused on homological algebra at first, but gradually he became more interested in the work of Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia on dynamical systems. In 1997, Douady was appointed to the Académie des Sciences. A quadratic Julia set is named after him, the Douady rabbit.

Douady has Erdős number ( 2. He wrote a paper with Jacques Dixmier on fiber spaces in a French journal, and Dixmier wrote a paper with Erdős on the number of fundamental invariants of binary forms in another French journal.

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