all algebraic numbers in a sequence

The beginning of the sequence of all algebraic numbersMathworldPlanetmath ordered as explained in the parent ( entry is as follows:

0;-1, 1;-2,-12,-i,i,12, 2;-3,-1-52,-2,-12,1-52,-1-i32,-1+i32,-13,

-i2,-i2,i2,i2,13,1-i32,1+i32,-1+52,12,2,1+52, 3;

The first number corresponds to the algebraic equationx=0,  the two following numbers to the equations  x±1=0,  the six following to the equations  x±2=0,  2x±1=0,  x2+1=0,  the twenty following to the equations  x±3=0,  3x±1=0,  x2±x±1=0,  x2±2=0,  2x2±1=0.

In practice, one cannot continue the sequence very far since the higher degree equations – quintic and so on – are non-solvable by radicalsPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath (; instead we can list the equations satisfied by the numbers as far we want and tell how many roots ( they have.  In principle, the number sequence does exist!

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