arithmetic progression

Arithmetic progressionMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of length n, initial term a1 and common difference d is the sequenceMathworldPlanetmath a1,a1+d,a1+2d,,a1+(n-1)d.

The sum of terms of an arithmetic progression can be computed using Gauss’s trick:

S =(a1+0)+(a1+d)++(a1+(n-2)d)+(a1+(n-1)d) +S¯ =(a1+(n-1)d)+(a1+(n-2)d)++(a1+d)+(a1+0)¯ 2S =(2a1+(n-1)d)+(2a1+(n-1)d)++(2a1+(n-1)d)+(2a1+(n-1)d).

We just add the sum with itself written backwards, and the sum of each of the columns equals to (2a1+(n-1)d). The sum is then

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