Beurling-Ahlfors quasiconformal extension

Theorem (Beurling-Ahlfors).

There exists a quasiconformal mapping of the upper half plane to itself if and only if the boundary correspondence mapping μ is M-quasisymmetric ( Furthermore there exists an extensionPlanetmathPlanetmath of μ to a quasiconformal mapping of the upper half planes such that the maximal dilatation of the extension depends only on M and not on μ.

That is, the extension is K-quasiconformal ( if and only if the boundary correspondence is M-quasisymmetric ( where K depends purely on M.

Supposing that we have the mapping ϕ:HH (where H is the upper half plane), then the mapping μ:, such that μ(x)=ϕ(x) where x, is the boundary correspondence of ϕ.

To prove the sufficiency of the above theorem Beurling and Ahlfors [2] define ϕ as follows. Given a μ that is a quasisymmetric mapping of the real line onto itself and fixes , we define a map ϕ(x,y)=u(x,y)+iu(x,y) where

u(x,y) =12y-yyμ(x+t)𝑑t,
v(x,y) =12y0y(μ(x+t)-μ(x-t))𝑑t.

Intuitively ϕ is a function which “smoothes” out any kinks in the function μ as we get further and further away from the real line. It therefore intuitively follows that ϕ has the worst (highest) dilatation near the x axis, which actually turns out to be true.


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