Brocard’s problem

Brocard’s problem, first posed by Henri Brocard in 1876, asks for factorialsMathworldPlanetmath that are one less than a square, that is, solutions to the equation n!+1=m2. Only three solutions are known: 4!+1=52, 5!+1=112 and 7!+1=712. Srinivasa Ramanujan also pondered the problem, in 1913. Erdős believed that there are no other solutions, and no more have been found for n up to 109.


  • 1 P. Erdős, & R. Obláth, “Über diophantische Gleichungen der Form n!=xp±yp und n!±m!=xpActa Szeged. 8 (1937): 241 - 255
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