Carathéodory’s extension theorem

In measure theory, Carathéodory’s extension theorem is an important result used in the construction of measuresMathworldPlanetmath, such as the Lebesgue measureMathworldPlanetmath on the real number line. The result states that a countably additive ( set functionMathworldPlanetmath on an algebra of setsMathworldPlanetmath can be extended to a measure on the σ-algebra ( generated by that algebra.

Theorem (Carathéodory).

Let X be a set, A be an algebra on X, and Aσ(A) be the σ-algebra generated by A. If μ0:AR+{} is a countably additive map then there exists a measure μ on (X,A) such that μ=μ0 on A.


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