chaotic dynamical system

As Strogatz says in reference [1], “No definition of the term chaos is universally accepted yet, but almost everyone would agree on the three ingredients used in the following working definition”.

Chaos is the aperiodic long-term in a deterministic system that exhibits sensitive dependence on initial conditionsMathworldPlanetmath.

Aperiodic long-term means that there are trajectories which do not settle down to fixed pointsMathworldPlanetmath, periodic orbits (, or quasiperiodic as t. For the purposes of this definition, a trajectory which approaches a limit of as t should be considered to have a fixed point at .

Sensitive dependence on initial conditions means that nearby trajectories separate exponentially fast; i.e. (, the system has a positive Liapunov exponent.

Strogatz notes that he favors additional constraints on the aperiodic long-term , but leaves open ( what form they may take. He suggests two alternatives to fulfill this:

  1. 1.

    Requiring that there exists an open set of initial conditions having aperiodic trajectories, or

  2. 2.

    If one picks a random initial condition x(0) then there must be a nonzero chance of the associated trajectory x(t) being aperiodic.

0.1 Further reading

  1. 1.

    B. Codenotti and Luciano Margara. Chaos in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science: SimilaritiesMathworldPlanetmath and Dissimilarities.

0.2 References

  1. 1.

    Steven H. Strogatz, ”Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos”. Westview Press, 1994.

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