conditional probability

Let (Ω,𝔅,μ) be a probability spaceMathworldPlanetmath, and let X,Y𝔅 be events.

The conditional probabilityMathworldPlanetmath of X given Y is defined as

μ(X|Y)=μ(XY)μ(Y) (1)

provided μ(Y)>0. (If μ(Y)=0, then μ(X|Y) is not defined.)

If μ(X)>0 and μ(Y)>0, then

μ(X|Y)μ(Y)=μ(XY)=μ(Y|X)μ(X), (2)

and so also

μ(X|Y)=μ(Y|X)μ(X)μ(Y), (3)

which is Bayes’ Theorem.

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