conjugate module

If M is a right module over a ring R, and α is an endomorphismPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of R, we define the conjugate module Mα to be the right R-module whose underlying set is {mαmM}, with abelian groupMathworldPlanetmath structureMathworldPlanetmath identical to that of M (i.e. (m-n)α=mα-nα), and scalar multiplication given by mαr=(mα(r))α for all m in M and r in R.

In other words, if ϕ:REnd(M) is the ring homomorphismMathworldPlanetmath that describes the right module action of R upon M, then ϕα describes the right module action of R upon Mα.

If N is a left R-module, we define Nα similarly, with rnα=(α(r)n)α.

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