convergence condition of infinite product

Let us think the sequencePlanetmathPlanetmathu1,u1u2,u1u2u3,  In the complex analysis, one often uses the definition of the convergence of an infinite productk=1uk  where the case  limku1u2uk=0  is excluded.  Then one has the


The infinite product k=1uk of the non-zero complex numbersPlanetmathPlanetmathu1, u2, … is convergent iff for every positive number ε there exists a positive number nε such that the condition


is true as soon as  nnε.

Corollary.  If the infinite product converges, then we necessarily have  limkuk=1. (Cf. the necessary condition of convergence of series.)

When the infinite product converges, we say that the value of the infinite product is equal to limku1u2uk.

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