convergence of integrals

Similarly as one speaks of convergence of series, one can speak of convergence of integrals, especially of Riemann integrals


This integralDlmfPlanetmath is convergent, if it exists, and otherwise divergent.  One can also speak of absolute convergence of integrals.

Example.  Study the convergence of the integral

∫12d⁒x(ln⁑x)c (1)

where c is a real constant.

According to the logarithm series, we may write for  1<x<b,  where b is sufficiently close to 1, the estimations


Let  1<a<b. 

1∘.  For  c>1:

∫abd⁒x(ln⁑x)c β‰§βˆ«abd⁒x2c⁒(x-1)c=-12c⁒/x=ab⁑1(c-1)⁒(x-1)c-1
 =12c⁒(c-1)⁒[1(a-1)c-1-1(b-1)c-1]βŸΆβˆžβ€ƒas aβ†’1+

2∘.  For  c=1:

∫abd⁒xln⁑x β‰§βˆ«abd⁒x2⁒(x-1)=12⁒/ab⁑ln⁑(x-1)
 =12⁒[ln⁑(b-1)-ln⁑(a-1)]βŸΆβˆžβ€ƒas aβ†’1+

3∘.  For  c<1:

0<∫abd⁒x(ln⁑x)c β‰¦βˆ«ab2c⁒d⁒x(x-1)c= 2c⁒/x=ab⁑x1-c1-c
 =2c1-c⁒[(b-1)1-c-(a-1)1-c]⟢2c1-c⁒(b-1)1-c as aβ†’1+

Consequently, the integral ∫abd⁒x(ln⁑x)c, and thus also (1), converges if and only if  c<1.

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