criterion for almost-sure convergence

Let X1,X2, and X be random variablesMathworldPlanetmath. If, for every ϵ>0, the sum n=1(|Xn-X|>ϵ) is finite, then Xn converge to X almost surely.


By the Borel-Cantelli lemmaMathworldPlanetmath, we have (lim supn{|Xn-X|>ϵ})=0. But lim supn{|Xn-X|>ϵ} is the same as the event {lim supn|Xn-X|>ϵ}. (The latter event involves the limit superior of numbers (; the former involves the limit superior of sets ( So taking the limit ϵ0, we have (lim supn|Xn-X|>0)=0, or equivalently (lim supn|Xn-X|=0)=1. ∎

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