curvature of Nielsen’s spiral

Nielsen’s spiral is the plane curveMathworldPlanetmath defined in the parametric form

x=acit,y=asit (1)

where a is a non-zero constant, “ci” and “si” are the cosine integralDlmfDlmfDlmfMathworld ( and the sine integral ( and t is the parameter ( (t>0).

We determine the curvature ( κ of this curve using the expression

κ=xy′′-yx′′[(x)2+(y)2]3/2. (2)

The first derivativesMathworldPlanetmath of (1) are

x=ddt(atcosuu𝑑u)=acostt, (3)
y=ddt(atsinuu𝑑u)=asintt, (4)

and hence the second derivatives


Substituting the derivatives in (2) yields


which is easily simplified to

κ=ta. (5)

The arc lengthMathworldPlanetmath ( of Nielsen’s spiral can also be obtained in a closed formMathworldPlanetmath (; using (3) and (4) we get:



s=alnt. (6)

Note.  The expressions for x and y allow us determine as well


which says that the sense of the parameter t is the slope angle of the tangent line of the Nielsen’s spiral.

Figure 1: Plot of Nielsen’s spiral for 2t50. Axis scaling is in units of a. (Octave / MATLAB program for plot; in format)
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