cyclic code

Let C be a linear codeMathworldPlanetmath over a finite field A of block length n. C is called a cyclic codeMathworldPlanetmath, if for every codeword c=(c1,,cn) from C, the word (cn,c1,,cn-1)An obtained by a right shift of is also a codeword from C.

Sometimes, C is called the c-cyclic code, if C is the smallest cyclic code containing c, or, in other words, C is the linear code generated by c and all codewords obtained by shifts of its .

For example, if A=𝔽2 and n=3, the codewords contained in the (1,1,0)-cyclic code are precisely

(0,0,0),(1,1,0),(0,1,1) and (1,0,1).

Trivial examples of cyclic codes are An itself and the code containing only the zero codeword.

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