delta distribution

Let U be an open subset of n such that 0U. Then the delta distribution is the mapping

u u(0).

Claim The delta distribution is a distributionPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of zeroth order, i.e., δ𝒟0(U).

Proof. With obvious notation, we have

δ(u+v) = (u+v)(0)=u(0)+v(0)=δ(u)+δ(v),
δ(αu) = (αu)(0)=αu(0)=αδ(u),

so δ is linear. To see that δ is continuous, we use condition (3) on this this page ( Indeed, if K is a compact set in U, and u𝒟K, then


where |||| is the supremum norm.

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